In periodic articles published in the Hotelarz, we share our knowledge and experience related to the comprehensive running of a hotel investment.

Project Hotel # 3 Condo project – financing

Why is condo so popular recently? I will not criticize or praise the condo system - I leave it for individual assessment. I will focus on the opportunities and threats of this system, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities that this form of hotel...

Project Hotel # 2 Consultant + hotel chain

In the solutions of the "Hotelier" issue there were sections that on the right to do hotel steps. Starting from the investment strategy, through the selection of the location, and then the creation of a full functional program, financing arrangement, selection of the...

Hotel Project # 1 How to start a hotel investment?

In hotelAG and a team of experienced practitioners deal with hotel projects on a daily basis. We face the current challenges related to the construction, commissioning, management and commercialization of hotel facilities.